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upIt is known that County of Yorkshire staged Greyhound Racing at other venues other than the ones listed previous, the reason mainly due to them staging just a handful of meetings on a temporary license which would have been issued by their local council. The following list may also include a venue that has not yet enough information to create a full page.


BARNSLEY (Dearne Stadium)                              Further info added 10.10.2020

BRADFORD (Rugby Ground)

BRIDLINGTON                                                          Newly listed 26.08.2019

HARROGATE                                                              Further info added 09.10.2020

HULL (The Boulevard)


MALTON (Old Rugby Ground)                              Newly Listed 23.08.2019

MALTON (The Showground)                                 Newly Listed 23.08.2019

OSSETT (Cricket Ground)

PICKERING                                                                2 Captions added 17.07.2019

SCARBOROUGH                                                       6 Captions added 28.08.2019

THIRSK (Racecourse)

THORNTON-le-DALE                                             Paragraph updated and images added 23.08.2021


TOLLERTON                                                              1 Caption added 18.12.2019

UPTON                                                                       Further info added 11.10.2020

YORK                                                                          Newly listed 24.08.2019