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It is known that this region staged Greyhound Racing at other venues other than the ones listed in the MAIN TRACK list, the reason mainly due to them staging just a handful of meetings on a temporary license which would have been issued by their local council and allowed betting on one particular designated site on 8 occasions per betting year. These were generally known as ‘Flip Meetings’ or ‘eight-day tracks’.

 The list also includes venues that may have been a permanent venue with a betting license, yet limited information defies it from being amongst other permanent venues. If sufficient information is obtained, then the track will be transferred into the permanent section. I have to make it clear also that some venues obtained betting licenses but failed to stage meetings and therefore are not included in the listings.

A SUMMARY TABLE for this region now added at the end

 BARROW Little Park

 CARLISLE Brampton

 CARLISLE Longtown 

 CARLISLE Sheepmount 

 CARLISLE Cummersdale                                                                1 Caption added 14.05.2019

 EARLESTOWN Football Grd, Merseyside


 SUMMARY TABLE with details of first and last meeting dates

BARROW Little Park TBC (n/k) n/k FLIP 8 day track
CARLISLE Sheepmount Card 27 JLY 1964 n/k FLIP 8 day track
CARLISLE Cummersale Rac 1953 c 1958 FLIP 8 day track
CARLISLE Brampton 19 SEP 1981 n/k FLIP 8 day track
CARLISLE Longtown  Card 27 AUG 1965 Maybe 1981 FLIP 8 day track
EARLESTOWN Football Grd Merseyside TBC (n/k) n/k FLIP 8 day track
NEW BRIGHTON Tower Grd 04 JUN 1970 Maybe 1970 FLIP 8 day track