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It is known that this region staged Greyhound Racing at other venues other than the ones listed in the MAIN TRACK list, the reason mainly due to them staging just a handful of meetings on a temporary license which would have been issued by their local council and allowed betting on one particular designated site on 8 occasions per betting year. These were generally known as ‘Flip Meetings’ or ‘eight-day tracks’.

 The list also includes venues that may have been a permanent venue with a betting license, yet limited information defies it from being amongst other permanent venues.

 If sufficient information is obtained, then the track will be transferred into the permanent section. I have to make it clear also that some venues obtained betting licenses but failed to stage meetings and therefore may not be included in the listings.

 A SUMMARY TABLE for this region now added at the end.



READING Riverside Track 


AYLESBURY Bicester Road 

AYLESBURY Bierton Road                                                  Page added 20.05.2019

AYLESBURY Broughton Crossing                                     Page added 15.04.2020

AYLESBURY Buckingham Road                                         3 Adverts added 08.05.2019

AYLESBURY Verwood Road

BUCKINGHAM Station Stadium

DENHAM Schooling Track




CHELTENHAM Racecourse                                                 1 Image added 09.12.2019



WATFORD Riverside Track


BANBURY Middleton Road                                                 Page added 27.10.2020

BANBURY Southam Road                                                    Info and cutting added 09.05.2019

DRAYTON                                                                                   Page added 18.10.2019

OXFORD Littlemore (1951)

OXFORD Northmoor                                                             Newly listed 29.08.2019

WANTAGE                                                                                    Newly listed 22.08.2019



EXHALL, Warwickshire


NUNEATON Manor Park                                                              Page revamped 31.12.2020

STRATFORD-UPON-AVON                                                            1 Caption added 18.12.2019

STUDLEY, Warwickshire                                                               2 Captions added 18.10.2019

WARWICK Stratford Road


 BOX Football Ground, Wiltshire

CASTLE COMBE Football Ground

COMMON PLATT                                                                        Paragraph updated 09.06.2019

CORSHAM TOWN Football Ground

PURTON, Wiltshire

SWINDON Gorse Hill

SWINDON Haydon Wick                                                         Newly listed 30.08.2019

SWINDON Moredon                                                                 Newly listed 30.08.2019

SWINDON Wroughton

TISBURY, Wiltshire

TROWBRIDGE Hilperton Road                                               Newly listed 16.05.2020

WESTBURY Football Ground, Wiltshire                            Newly listed 14.05.2020




 HOPWOOD Straight (on A441)

HOPWOOD Kings Norton

SUMMARY TABLE with details of first and last meeting dates

  AYLESBURY Broughton Crossing                                     18 AUG 1958            Maybe 1958            FLIP 8 day track

LODDON BRIDGE 28 MAY 1933 End 1933 Short Lived Venture
READING Riverside Track 06 SEP 1931 circa JLY 1935 To upgrade
AYLESBURY Bicester Rd 1984>86 1984 1986 FLIP 8 day track
AYLESBURY Bierton Rd 1955>56 07 APR 1955 Racing 1956 FLIP 8 day track
AYLESBURY Buckingham Rd 1940>54 Rac NOV 1940 Rac AUG 1954 FLIP 8 day track
AYLESBURY Verwood Rd 1971>86 Rac APR 1971 Rac JLY 1986 FLIP 8 day track
BUCKINGHAM Station Stadium 16 SEP 1933 Rac MAY 1934 Short Lived Venture
DENHAM Schooling Track ~ Rac MAY 1928 Maybe 1928 Short Lived Venture
LITTLE CHALFONT 05 JLY 1982 Maybe 1982 FLIP 8 day track
LOUDWATER Rac AUG 1947 Rac APR 1963 FLIP 8 day track
CHELTENHAM Racecourse ? MAR 2000 MAR 2005 FLIP 8 day track
WATFORD Riverside Track Rac SEP 1934 Rac 1940s Possible upgrade
BANBURY Southam Road 06 AUG 1951 Rac DEC 1954 Short Lived Venture
BANBURY Middleton Road Before JLY 1933 After JLY 1934 Short Lived Venture
DRAYTON, nr Abingdon 1974 Maybe 1974 FLIP 8 day track
OXFORD Littlemore 1951 16 FEB 1951 Maybe 1952 FLIP 8 day track
OXFORD Northmoor 05 SEP 1962 Maybe 1962 FLIP 8 day track
WANTAGE Rac JLY 1960 Maybe 1960 FLIP 8 day track
ALCESTER 08 MAY 1981 Rac JUN 1992 FLIP 8 day track
EXHALL, Warwickshire Rac APR 1953 Maybe 1953 FLIP 8 day track
KENILWORTH Fern Hill Rac JUN 1964 Rac AUG 1967 FLIP 8 day track
NUNEATON Manor Park Rac JLY 1931 Rac OCT 1933 Short Lived Venture
STRATFORD-UPON-AVON Rac AUG 1980 Rac APR 1984 FLIP 8 day track
STUDLEY, Warwickshire 30 JUN 1992 Rac APR 1993 FLIP 8 day track
WARWICK Stratford Road Rac SEP 1929 After APR 1930 Short Lived Venture
BOX Football Grd, Wiltshire Rac AUG 1953 Maybe 1953 FLIP 8 day track
CASTLE COMBE 01 JUN 1981 Rac JLY 1985 FLIP 8 day track
COMMON PLATT, nr Purton Rac JUN 1967 ~ 1970s ~ FLIP 8 day track
CORSHAM TOWN Football Grd, Wiltshire Rac AUG 1953 Maybe 1953 FLIP 8 day track
PURTON, Wiltshire Rac MAY 1966 Maybe 1966 FLIP 8 day track
SWINDON Coryhinians, Gorse Hill Rac JUN 1930 After MAY 1931 Short Lived Venture
SWINDON Haydon Wick Rac MAR 1962 Maybe 1962 FLIP 8 day track
SWINDON Moredon 30 APR 1960 Maybe 1960 FLIP 8 day track
SWINDON Wroughton 26 JLY 1930 c 1931 Short Lived Venture
TISBURY, Wiltshire 13 JUN 1983 Maybe 1983 FLIP 8 day track
TROWBRIDGE Hilperton Road Rac AUG 1950 SEP 1950 FLIP 8 day track
WESTBURY Football Ground, Wiltshire 22 SEP 1954 Maybe 1954 FLIP 8 day track
WHARF FARM Rac JUN 1956 Maybe 1956 FLIP 8 day track
HOPWOOD Straight (on A441) 01 AUG 1980 Maybe 1980 FLIP 8 day track
HOPWOOD Kings Norton 03 MAY 1982 Maybe 1982 FLIP 8 day track